Annual report 2012

Social report 2012


Relations with Labor Unions

The Company is committed to conforming to high standards of social responsibility to employees. The Company regularly cooperates with the key social partners at the sectoral federal level: the All-Russia Trade Association of Employers in the Power Industry (RaEl Association) and the All-Russian Electrounion (AREU). All MRSK Holding Entities continue to be members of the RaEl Association.

The basis of the collective bargaining agreements is the Sectoral Wage Rate Agreement in the Electric Power Industry of the Russian Federation for 2009–2011 (SWRA). In 2012, an agreement was signed to amend and supplement the SWRA and extend its term for 2012. The agreement was signed by the RaEl Association and the AREU on November 2, 2011. As a result, in accordance with the new version of the SWRA:

  • the term of the 2009–2011 SWRA was extended for 2012
  • the minimum monthly wage rate for a first-category worker was increased (effective from January 1, 2012, 4,207 rubles multiplied by Russia’s 2011 consumer price index but not lower than 4,417 rubles)
  • the indexation of the minimum monthly wage rate for a first-category worker was changed (every six months instead of every quarter).

The collective bargaining agreements set forth the employer’s obligations with respect to working hours and rest periods, salaries and wages, and additional benefits, guarantees, and remuneration, as well as the obligations of primary labor union organizations.

Financial and non-financial motivation for operating entities’ personnel in 2012 was in accordance with the collective bargaining agreements, labor remuneration regulations, and other corporate documents governing the procedure for providing employees with social benefits and guarantees.

The content of SDCs’ collective bargaining agreements is regularly independently examined by the RaEl Association for compliance with the obligations contained in the SWRA. In 2012, MRSK Holding Entities fulfilled all of the obligations contained in the Sectoral Wage Rate Agreement and collective bargaining agreements, which is evidenced by the results of the independent examination conducted by the RaEl Association.

In the reporting period, MRSK Holding Entities participated in preparing the report of electricity industry organizations on social and employment relations and related economic relations. This work was organized by the RaEl Association and the AREU. The public report on the development of social partnership in the Russian electric power industry makes it possible to see the social focus of business, including in electric grid organizations. The report is included in the National Register of Non-financial Reports of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP): http://www.rspp.ru/simplepage/157.