Annual report 2012

Social report 2012


Total Workforce by Employment Type, Employment Contract, and Region

Measures taken under the uniform personnel policy take account of the distribution grid sector’s strategy, the particularities of different regions’ development, and the country’s socio-economic development. The scope of measures is determined by the current and forecasted status of companies’ human resources and the long-term goals of developing the electricity distribution sector.

The electricity distribution grid sector is one of the country’s largest employers due to the sector’s technological features and because it is necessary to operate electric grid facilities in 69 constituent entities of the Russian Federation: the number of the Group’s employees is approximately 190,000.

Personnel policy is aimed at high-quality staffing support for companies’ operations in accordance with workforce requirements that take account of changes in resignations, planned alterations to the functional structure (insourcing or outsourcing), processes of the consolidation of electric grid assets, and commissioning of new facilities. This approach ensures the formation of workforce that meets the electricity distribution grid sector’s goals in relation to the number and characteristics of employees.



2012 год

Number of staff on the payroll Average Number of employees with secondary employment, Average Number of personnel employed under civil contracts
Total for SDCs engaged in electricity distribution 188,816 400 4 720
IDGC of Centre 29,938 51 187
IDGC of North-West 14,793 39 155
IDGC of Urals 12,883 54 2,071
IDGC of Volga 21,369 27 1,312
IDGC of Siberia 21,258 27 15
TDC 1,596 6 107
IDGC of South 14,035 32 31
IDGC of Center and Volga Region 22,228 64 271
IDGC of Northern Caucasus 12,812 26 77
Tyumenenergo 7,222 25 3
Yantarenergo 1,867 17 47
MOESK 15,215 4 15
LENENERGO 6,007 19 30
Kubanenergo 7,593 9 399