Annual report 2012

Social report 2012


Main Stakeholder Groups

The Company’s business is of strategic significance to the sustained development of the Russian economy and to the improvement of its efficiency. The Company cooperates with a wide range of social groups and strives to build a structured dialog with them. The Company management views systematic stakeholder relations as one of the most important components of its corporate social responsibility policy.

The key groups of the Company’s stakeholders are listed below:

  • customers
  • employees of the Company and SDCs
  • society
  • government bodies and local government
  • partners (system participants in the electricity transportation market)
  • investors and shareholders
  • mass media.

The Company is working to build an integrated system of stakeholder relations that is based on the principles of transparency, ethicality, responsibility, and mutual understanding. The Company is building its dialog with stakeholders on:

  • informing stakeholders in a timely manner of all aspects of MRSK Holding’s activities
  • interacting with stakeholders on a systematic basis
  • striving to keep a balance of interests of all stakeholders in the course of decision making
  • complying strictly with laws and fulfilling its obligations
  • integrating the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development into its corporate governance system.


Stakeholders Stakeholders’ Needs Methods of Analyzing Stakeholders’ Needs Methods and Instruments for the Company’s Interaction with Stakeholders
Customers Improved quality of services;

Affordable and reliable electricity supply;

Guaranteed net delivery;

Low tariffs;

Timely and affordable network connection;

Transparent tariff regulation;

Timely accident recovery work;

Improvements to the regulatory framework;

Efficient resolution of customer appeals.

Polls, questionnaire surveys, focus groups, monitoring, market research. Customer Service Centers;

Customer reception points on EGD sites and at PU;

Operational dispatching units;

Call center;


Receipt of requests and appeals;


Polls, questionnaires;

Publications in the media;

Conferences, forums;

Corporate media, including the website.

Employees Adequate pay;

Social guarantees;

Occupational safety;

Conditions for professional and personal growth;

Transparent personnel and social policies.

Polls, interviews, focus groups, social diagnostics. Integrated human resource management system;

Uniform corporate identity and corporate culture;

Meetings of work collectives;

Publications in the media;

Corporate media, including the website;

Organization of events (festivals, tournaments);

Training centers;

Council of Youth of the Company;

Unified Council of Youth in the Electricity Distribution Grid Sector;

Coordinating Council of Veterans;

Society Contribution to regional socio-economic development;

Contribution to the development of education, culture, and sport;

Continued application of economically feasible tariffs;

Environmental protection;

Energy security;

Promptly and efficiently resolved claims made by individuals and public organizations;

Transparent relations with public organizations.

Dialogs, meetings with community representatives, public hearings, social studies Participation in government programs for socio-economic development;

Publications in the media;

Corporate media, including the website;

Meetings, negotiations;

Organization of events;

Charity and sponsorship

Social advertising;;

Conferences, forums;

Publication of information materials (books, reference books, booklets);

Non-financial reporting;

Government authorities and local government Compliance with legal regulations and technical standards;

Support for improving the industry’s regulatory framework;

Timely and complete payment of taxes;

Maintenance of social stability;

Environmental protection;

Use of innovative and energy efficient technology;

Efficient use of budgetary funds;

Participation in projects based on public-private partnership.

Meetings, negotiations, consultations, membership in energy-related expert organizations, working groups, etc. Participation in government programs for socio-economic development;

GR, participation in parliamentary hearings, initiation of changes in and enactment of new legal regulations;

Conferences, forums;

Membership in energy-related expert organizations;

Meetings, negotiations;

Publications in the media.

Partners Reliable and predictable partner relations;

Mutually beneficial cooperation;

Relations based on confidence;

Fair competition;

Proper performance and transparency of contractual obligations.

Professional communications, cooperation with professional organizations. Negotiations, meetings;

Publications in the media;

Corporate media, including the website;

Competitive bidding-based purchases;

Conferences, forums.

Investors and shareholders Improved appeal of the Company for investors;

High returns on investment and high liquidity;

Growing market capitalization;

Transition to RAB regulation

Guaranteed payback;

Transparent and efficient corporate governance;

Timely and complete disclosures.

Communications with analysts and the investor community, seminars. General Meeting of Shareholders;

Board of Directors;

Negotiations, correspondence;

Publications in the media;

Corporate media, including the website;

Conferences, forums, roadshows;

Annual and non-financial reports, audits;

Publication of information materials (books, reference books, booklets).

Mass media Reliability, relevance, and completeness of information provided about the Company;

Enhanced transparency and openness of work of the Company management;

High professionalism in communications.

Meetings, negotiations, consultations. Media centers of subsidiaries;

Press conferences, press tours;

Publication of information materials (books, reference books, booklets);

Publications in the media;

Corporate media, including the website;

Meetings, forums, business breakfasts, etc.